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Rooted Property specializes in property sales & rentals. 

Whether you are looking for a place to buy or place to rent, we’re here to help.

We cater for all property needs including residential, commercial, industrial & retail property.

Our Roots.

Rooted properties is a trusted partner in the Commercial and Residential property market. Our roots (excuse the pun) derive from G7 Property Brokers, where 30 years of experience and expertise has been the springboard to our establishment.

The name Rooted Properties stems from my admiration for trees. For me, trees have always represented diversity, growth and resilience. In their highest bouts their leaves rustle in the wind, their roots infinitely grounded, building up in their own form to represent themselves.

A tree’s history is inscribed in the disk of its trunk. The rings of it’s years, it’s scars, it’s prosperity stand truly written. Rooted Properties takes pride in our track record and the high quality of service we provide to our clients. We aim to yield effective and efficient service based on sincerity, integrity and attention to detail.

A tree simply cannot grow without sunlight, water and soil, just as we cannot grow in isolation. Part of our mission is to provide seamless sales and rentals for our clients, assisting them to take their roots in starting their homes or growing their businesses. To build up a legacy with our clients, not just for our generation but for future generations to come.